Some free to play tipps

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Some free to play tipps

Post by Admin on Sat Aug 27, 2016 6:49 pm

As I am a free to play (FTP) User, which means I don't spend real money on the game, I like to share some tips for others, who like to play the game for free or with low investments.

First of all make youre 5 Matches per day. Because you get 5 PES Coins for that. These coins normaly purchased through in-app transactions. You will need these Coins to scout special players.

Play in the Classic Mode and Manager Cup as soon as possible. There you also get Coins.

Make youre Youth youre Priority. Build the Youth camp as high as possible. Good youth players can be stars in youre team later on.

Also invest in buildings that give you training points which are the youth academy and the training facilities. They are important to train and upgrade youre players.

Don't buy players from the market. Invest the money in youre hometown. Especially youre youth academy.

If possible, give youre young talents as much play time as possible.

I think thats basicly it. If you have some more tipps please feel free to update here.


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